„Architectural research is the tool for understanding the clients – their values, needs and requirements – in more detail and accuracy than can be developed in (just) a few discussions.“

Donna P. Duerck, Architectural researcher

Our method in modules


Our methods define modules linked to different stages of the planning process. They can also be adjusted to specific requirements.

Quick Scan – Define what you want


Tool for an early project definition. A Quick Scan enables the client to translate vision, goals and requirements into a building task.



Project profile,  which defines challenges, potential and measurements of first ideas and requirements. The client is able to identify the task and plan the next steps.


Project analysis:  Clear task - Strong solution


Our strategies for project evaluation have constantly evolved over the last 15 years. They are aimed at creating efficient and connected project structures creating the foundation for successful projects.



Early coordinated programs and user profiles, dependable clients briefs, enabling sustainable and valuable design solutions.


Communication – Navigate complexity


Architectural projects thrive on the performance of design and technology. But they also rely significantly upon the quality of social interaction and the degree of mutual understanding throughout the planning process. This aspect is consistently underestimated in building projects.



Early communication strategies create a reliable frame work to access knowledge and create a culture which leverages the quality of the whole process. The process becomes more efficient and transparent.


Our offer includes “Change Management“ , but goes beyond it's classical definition.


Architectural competition – Good choices


Preparation, organization and evaluation of architectural competitions.



Based on coordinated spatial programs and the definition of qualities and quantities the task becomes clearer for the planner involved. Better solutions are possible. A moderated selection process generates transparency, making its decisions comprehensible for all parties involved.


Process guidance – Unlock potential


We accompany our clients from the first critical moment to the final implementation of a project through preparing project milestones, studies and analyses and concepts.



Feasibility studies, proof of concept, utilization scenarios, blocking and stacking, spatial typologies, verifying numbers and measures.




Conceptual layouts to clarify requirements and options.

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