„Architecture is definitely a political act.“

Peter Eisenman

Architecture and context



We passionately believe in the social significance of the built environment for modern societies. Therefore, we want to create awareness for the relevancy architectural spaces as well as for the way it is conceptualized. By this we want to contribute to transform the traditional ways of thinking in architecture.



With CONTEXT. ARCHITECTURE. we have created a knowledge base, aimed at transforming the traditional understanding of Architectural Planning and challenging the Status Quo.


CONTEXT. ARCHITECTURE offers workshops and lectures where pragmatic methods from our wide project expertise as well as our academic research in architectural sociology will be shared. Through joint discussion the current issues of contemporary planning practice can be engaged and new ideas will be explored.

Essays and publications

„Raum ohne Grenzen – für den Spatial Turn in der Architektur“


Published in „Raumkonzepte in der Theologie: Interdisziplinäre und interkulturelle Zugänge“ Grünewald Verlag


December 2016

„Vernetzte Räume: Plädoyer für den Spatial Turn in der Architektur“

Christina Hilger


The book explores the ongoing transformation of modern societies and its impact on the future role and responsibility of architecture.


transcript, 12/2010

ISBN-13: 9783837614992



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