„Good buildings don't just happen. They come about when architects and clients join in thoughtful, cooperative effort.“

 William A. Pena

What is our specific approach?



An integrating and mindful culture of planning and decision-making is created.

The spatial dimension of ideas and can be identified and clarified, before the manifestation of conceptual ideas.

Design solutions can be based on verified, agreed programs and aligned requirements, with less adjustments.

Project decisions are based upon agreed goals, visions and numbers.

Cost efficiency is strongly improved.

There is less potential for conflicts.



Our area of Work


Our methodology can be deployed in projects such as:

Building projects and spatial re-construction projects.

Architectural Competitions.

Building projects and spatial strategies in the public sector, for communities and cities;

Methodical support in Real Estate Management.

Re-organization of spatial structures in different  scales.

Our clients


Corporate Organizations.

Universities and schools.

Clients from the Public Sector and Federal Authorities.

NGO´s and international organizations.

Real Estate companies and divisions.

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