„We must understand the motives and forces of our time and analyze their structure from three points of view: the material, the functional, and the spiritual.“

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Architekt


founded 1998 by Christina Hilger.


Since 1998 we have focused on navigating the increasing complexity of architectural creation, constantly evolving and expanding our understanding of the challenges at hand.


The key questions remained :


How can we add value in translating the vision and social functional and organizational requirements of our clients into spatial tasks and programs?


How can we unlock and align the knowledge from all parties involved - from CEO to end-users to create spatial structures which serve them all?


How can we inspire our clients to creating an innovative, sustainable and context-oriented built environment on all scales?


How can we acknowledge both business needs and social responsibility in a successful planning process?

Our development since 1998


Since 1998, ARCHITEKTUR. KOMMUNIKATION. has evolved from providing methods focused on innovative office concepts, end-user communication and defining the requirements for successful spatial structures.


We soon realized, that creating successful office concepts strongly depends on the structural potential of their buildings, such as form, facad, context and infrastructure.


We also realized that successful building structures most likely emerge from an approach that integrates more than design ideas or technology. Therefore, our approach has naturally expanded into creating building structures through specific planning strategies for a successful and context-oriented process.



ARCHITEKTUR. KOMMUNIKATION. We are an experienced and dedicated team of architects with a fondness for an interdisciplinary approach.

Christina Hilger architect and sociologist


Hilger, Law, Dunbar& Nasmith, Wiesbaden/Edinburg; Murphy+Jahn Chicago, Lohan Assoc. Chicago; HENN Architekten München. Since 1998 CHRISTINA HILGER ARCHITEKTUR. KOMMUNIKATION.


Teaching assignments and guest professorship in architecture. Publications and lectures about planning process, architectural sociology, architectural theory.


Dipl.-Ing. Academy of the fine arts Stuttgart; Dr. phil. TU Darmstadt. Additional studies at the Harvard GSD and MIT, Cambridge, USA.


Growing up in an environment of architecture and the fine arts created an early interest in the interdependent relationship between form and expression, organization and space, architecture and society. This has led to a path dedicated to exploring the social relevancy of our built environment, thus bringing family roots and social interests together.





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